The band course was developed in order to allow you to meet musicians, share a passion and develop an energy with members of a group to present together, a musical piece in front of the public during our concerts (at Christmas and June).


This is a custom-made music program that follows the evolution of each member of the group, whether on drums, guitar, piano, bass or vocals.


The course will allow you:

• develop your instrument with inspiring teachers,


• learn to play together and on the pace in a stimulating environment,


• perform in a full band your favorite songs.


FOR WHO? : These are classes open to everyone, with or without experience in music. The groups will be divided by age group (9 to 13 years and 14 to 17 years).

WHEN? : A 60-minute group lesson per week  at our Aylmer location. .

HOW MUCH? : $ 22 / course, monthly payments or $ 20 / course if you take an individual course in addition.





Register now online, by email at or by phone at 819 557 0776

SONART music school is a family enterprise under the direction of Vincent Boudreau. Vincent studied at the Conservatory of Music in Gatineau. He received several awards: CIMF (radio station), CBC Young Artists competition, Cégep en Spectacle. In 2002, he receives a highest distinction award from the Quebec Conservatory of Music and in 2005 he receives a master’s degree from University of Montreal. He also studied in Los Angeles with world renowned drummer Thomas Lang. Vincent has recorded for CBC and many artists. He played with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and is now playing with the Gatineau Symphony Orchestra. Vincent also played  Los Desperados, MR.Rubber Finger. He is a member of the prestigious group BAM which has performed in over 25 countries.